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Mobile robots have forever changed material handling. For manufacturing and warehouse professionals everywhere, this represents a once-in-a-career opportunity to seize enormous productivity gains.

The rapid technological shift, however, also brings with it new and unique challenges.

Which technology is right for you when innovation is happening at breakneck speed and most of the robot models being sold today did not exist two years ago and are likely to be superseded by newer technologies a year from now?

Which vendor should you bet on when the former giants of the industry now look more like dinosaurs and today’s market leaders have no history to speak of?

Buying mobile robots is easy, succeeding with mobile robot deployments is exceptionally hard.

We are here to take the luck out of your mobile robot victory. To inform you and guide you as you explore the benefits that AMRs and AGVs can bring your business.

We’ve created this site as a service to users and prospective buyers of mobile robotic systems for intralogistics and material handling in production and warehouse operations everywhere.

We are vendor independent and agenda free.

Our mission is to help more people succeed in transforming their material handling using mobile robots. Your success is our success.

Membership of the Mobile Robot Directory is completely free. We guarantee that you will find information here that will strengthen your knowledge, improve your decision making, perhaps increase the number of choices you are looking at and most definitely increase your chances of success with your AMR or AGV project.

Should you need it, our experts are here to lend you a helping hand and offer paid advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


About the Vendor and Robot Data

With very few exceptions, all the data about robots and manufacturers found in the directory section of this website is first party data sourced directly from the robot manufacturer.

The robot manufacturers has the ability to login and update the data on our site directly.

The only exceptions are publicly available refferences for brand awareness and reputation, mainly the number of LinkedIn followers and the amount of website traffic from Google each manufacturer has. Plus, an inhouse estimate of the manufacturers revenue from selling mobile robots.

About the Authors

Emil Hauch Jensen

Emil Hauch Jensen

A passionate mobile robot enthusiast and an avid LinkedIn commentator. Residing in China, Emil is leading the charge for global Business Development of AMR business at Intel. With a wealth of experience in the robotics industry, Emil has held pivotal roles, such as General Manager at Geek+ and Vice President of Sales at Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). His journey has been defined by shaping the future of robotics and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Emil is a contributor to the Knowledge section.

Javier Miguélez

Javier Miguélez

A seasoned mobile robotics expert and Founder of Moving Robots, a leading consultancy specializing in AMR and AGV solutions. Based in Spain, Javier also serves as the President of ARME, the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association. With an illustrious career that includes roles as Business Development Director for ASTI Mobile Robotics (now ABB) and independent advisory work, Javier’s unwavering commitment shapes the future of mobile robotics, advancing the industry both locally and internationally.

Javier is responsible for the services available in the Advice section.


Regine Candido

Regine Candido is a marketing tech nerd and ardent robot aficionado who can often be found debating mobile robotics on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Regine is an experienced executive assistant and digital marketing expert supporting executives and managing operations, social media, and customer service for companies in various industries. Regine thrives in fast-paced environments and love connecting with people from around the world.

Regine is our Community Manager at The Mobile Robot Directory.