Need some help? Our independent mobile robot consultants from MovingRobots are here to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from deploying AMRs and AGVs at your facility.

Mobile Robot Expertise

We have more than a decade of experience with mobile robot projects for customers all over the world from Europe to United States, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Save time and money

Working with us provide you with a shortcut to success. By leveraging our deep experience customers are able to avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes and go straight to the optimal solution.

Independent Advice

We work for you and only you. Our incentives are fully aligned with your best interests. We do not take any commissions and our advice is always free of any vested interest in your choice of mobile robot vendor.

Service Packages

Mobile Robotics Training

You would need this service if you are planning to adopt automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in your operations. The training helps employees and management understand the technology, applications, operation, maintenance, safety protocols, and potential benefits of using AGVs and AMRs. It ensures a smooth transition to robotics-based operations.

Our Mobile Robotics Training Package Includes

Types of AGVs and AMRs, Applications, Technology (steer and drive, control, localization and navigation, safety, energy), main providers for each type of mobile robot.
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Flow + Automation Assessment

This work package is for when you want to automate the intralogistics and material flows within a specific facility. The assessment helps identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas where automation could improve material handling, reduce manual labor, enhance process efficiency, and potentially save costs.

Our Flow + Automation Assessment Package Includes

Assessment of logistics flows indicating which ones have to be improved and which ones can be automated + type of automation. Selection of the first flow to be automated + Business Case + preparation of RFQ for that first flow. Supply of 3 potential suppliers (included contacts).
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Automation Strategy

Customers should engage in this work package after performing the Flow and Automation Assessment and when they are ready to create a long-term strategy for automation implementation. The road map outlines a phased approach to implementing automation, sets goals, establishes timelines, allocates resources, and ensures a smooth transition to a more automated operation.

Our Automation Strategy Package Includes

Definition of a general road map with all potentially automatable applications.
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Bespoke Consulting Projects

Need a tailored package?

We will design a project just for you

Feel free to send us your specific needs and we will tailor a custom consulting package for you.
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