AgileX Robotics is a professional research and industrial mobile robot manufacturer.

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Established in 2016, AgileX is a prominent mobile robot manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. With a strong focus on providing cutting-edge solutions, AgileX has emerged as a leading player in the industry.

AgileX offers a wide range of products and solutions to cater to various needs. One of their notable offerings is the agv floor to floor, which provides efficient and seamless transportation within industrial settings. Additionally, AgileX provides an amr platform, enabling businesses to automate their operations and enhance productivity.

The mobile robots developed by AgileX are designed to meet diverse requirements. They offer an Outdoor Only Robot, which is specifically built to operate in outdoor environments. This robust robot is capable of handling various terrains and weather conditions. AgileX also offers Lifting: Shelf/Cart robots, which are ideal for tasks involving lifting and transporting heavy loads.

As a mobile robot manufacturing company, AgileX is committed to delivering high-quality products. Their mobile robot solutions have been widely adopted in industries such as autonomous driving, academic research, agriculture management, and geographic surveying. This speaks to the versatility and reliability of AgileX’s offerings.

AgileX takes pride in its team of experts, who bring a wealth of experience from leading companies such as DJI and Mathworks, as well as renowned scientific research institutions. This expertise allows AgileX to stay at the forefront of innovation and continuously improve their products and solutions.

Collaboration is a key aspect of AgileX’s success. The company has established partnerships with numerous enterprises, including industry giants like Alibaba, Huawei, and Honda. Furthermore, AgileX has forged strong ties with top universities worldwide. This collaborative approach has enabled AgileX to deploy applications across various industries, further solidifying their position as a trusted provider of mobile robot products.

In summary, AgileX Robotics is a forward-thinking company that excels in the manufacturing of mobile robots. With their diverse product offerings, commitment to quality, and strong industry collaborations, AgileX is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of businesses across different sectors.


AgileX offers a wide range of mobile robot solutions, including AGV and AMR platforms, allowing for greater flexibility in meeting specific business needs.


AgileX’s mobile robots are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile and suitable for various industries and applications.

Advanced and Reliable Mobile Robots.

With a strong focus on research and development, AgileX’s mobile robots are equipped with advanced technologies and features, ensuring high performance and reliable operation.


AgileX has a successful track record of partnering with renowned companies and institutions, demonstrating their credibility and expertise in the mobile robot industry.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from AgileX

AgileX has Lifting Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).



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The TRACER MINI from AgileX is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) able to carry 80kg and drive up to 1.7m/s. The size of the robot is 380x380x182mm (LxWxH), and it weighs 20kg.

This robot has a built-in lifting device able to transport Carts, Racks.

TRACER MINI can work continuosly for up to 12 hours.

TRACER by AgileX


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The TRACER from AgileX is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) able to carry 100kg and drive up to 1.5m/s. The size of the robot is 685x570x155mm (LxWxH), and it weighs 30kg.

This robot has a built-in lifting device able to transport Carts, Racks.

TRACER can work continuosly for up to 4 hours.

AgileX's local representations around the world

AgileX has headquarter in China and no known subsidiaries.

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