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ANT Robotics
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ANT Robotics, established in 2020, is a prominent player in the mobile-robot manufacturing sector. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States, the company is committed to transforming industrial material handling through its innovative solutions.

Specializing in internal logistics automation, ANT Robotics offers a diverse range of products and solutions to meet the unique requirements of its customers. Notably, the company’s pa-amr is an advanced autonomous mobile robot that optimizes and streamlines material handling processes in industrial environments.

Among ANT Robotics’ impressive lineup of mobile robots, the Tugger stands out as a remarkable innovation. This versatile mobile robot is specifically designed for pulling tasks from the sides, providing an efficient solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

ANT Robotics excels in its ability to integrate incompatible robots for industrial material handling. Acting as a vendor-independent platform, the company facilitates seamless collaboration and integration of different robotic systems, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity in material handling operations.

The company takes pride in its commitment to liberating workers from labor-intensive cart movements, enabling them to focus on more strategic and productive tasks. By incorporating autonomous mobile robots as integral components of an on-the-fly reconfigurable manufacturing conveyor, ANT Robotics has pioneered a novel approach to industrial material handling automation.

To further optimize the performance and cost-effectiveness of its solutions, ANT Robotics has developed a cloud-based robot management software. This software incorporates advanced multi-criteria optimization algorithms, allowing real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of the entire robotic system. As a result, customers can experience increased operational efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership.

In summary, ANT Robotics is a forward-thinking company that is revolutionizing industrial material handling through its innovative products and solutions. With a strong focus on internal logistics automation, the company’s diverse range of mobile robots, including the Tugger, caters to the specific needs of various industries. By providing a vendor-independent platform for integrating incompatible robots, ANT Robotics enables seamless collaboration and enhanced efficiency in material handling operations. With its cloud-based robot management software, the company further enhances the performance and cost-effectiveness of its solutions. ANT Robotics is dedicated to freeing workers from labor-intensive tasks and empowering them to engage in more strategic and productive operations.

Cutting-edge Robotics Solutions

ANT Robotics offers cutting-edge and efficient robotic solutions, ensuring that their mobile robots are equipped with the latest technology for optimal performance and productivity.

Interoperability Solution

With their Vendor-Independent Platform, ANT Robotics enables different incompatible robots to work together seamlessly, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for industrial material handling.

Logistics Automation

ANT Robotics’ mobile robots are specifically designed for internal logistics automation, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

Expertise and Experience

As a well-established company in the robotics industry, ANT Robotics has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality mobile robots that meet the needs and demands of various industries.

Mobile Robots from ANT Robotics

ANT Robotics has Towing Mobile Robots.

Ant Boy by ANT Robotics

Ant Boy

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The Ant Boy from ANT Robotics is a mobile robot.

ANT Robotics's local representations around the world

ANT Robotics has headquarter in Illinois and no known subsidiaries.

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