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Haul builds smart, customizable and accessible autonomous mobile robots for industrial applications

Haul Automation
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Haul Automation, established in 2020, is a prominent player in the autonomous mobile robots and autonomous vehicles sector. Based in Hyderabad, India, Haul Automation has swiftly gained recognition for its groundbreaking products and solutions.

A standout offering from Haul Automation is their Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) known as amr. These intelligent and customizable robots are designed to optimize workflow efficiency across various industrial settings. With their commercial viability, Haul Automation’s AMRs can be deployed across a wide range of industries, injecting vibrancy into any work environment.

What sets Haul Automation’s AMRs apart is their adaptability and agility. Unlike conventional automation solutions that necessitate infrastructure modifications, Haul Automation’s AMRs can seamlessly integrate into existing layouts. This means that companies do not have to alter their racks or floors to accommodate these robots. The compact size and mobility of the AMRs enable them to navigate any layout, whether it is an established facility or a new site. Furthermore, as infrastructure evolves over time, the AMRs can effortlessly adapt and continue operating efficiently.

The AMRs offered by Haul Automation forge their own dynamic pathways within the work facility, enabling them to navigate obstacles and collaborate with valuable resources. This flexibility proves particularly valuable during transitional periods, bridging the gap between different stages of automation.

Time is a precious commodity in any industry, and Haul Automation recognizes this. Their AMRs are designed to minimize the time and effort required for deployment. These robots are relatively easy to deploy and can swiftly switch between tasks. Moreover, they can be effortlessly relocated between facilities, facilitating short-term automation. This versatility ensures that companies can maximize efficiency and productivity without significant disruptions to their operations.

In summary, Haul Automation is a forward-thinking company specializing in the development and production of autonomous mobile robots and autonomous vehicles. Their AMRs, such as the amr, offer a customizable and accessible solution for industries seeking to optimize workflow efficiency. With their adaptability, agility, and time-saving capabilities, Haul Automation’s AMRs have the potential to revolutionize the way industries operate.

Autonomous Robotics

Haul Automation offers a comprehensive range of autonomous mobile robots and vehicles, providing solutions for various industrial and logistical needs.

Customizable Integration

Their robots are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet specific site limitations and applications, ensuring seamless integration into existing operations.

Cost savings

Haul Automation’s robots help improve efficiency, throughput, and productivity, leading to reduced labor costs and expenses in production and logistics processes.

Cost-effective solutions

The company focuses on providing reliable service and safer intralogistics solutions, offering lower initial investment and maintenance costs for customers.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from Haul Automation

Haul Automation has Platform Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Haul-i by Haul Automation


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The Haul-i from Haul Automation is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

This is an open platform robot. Loads can simply be placed directly on the surface of the robot or a custom application can be installed on top of the robot.

Haul Automation's local representations around the world

Haul Automation has headquarter in India and no known subsidiaries.

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