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Rucha Yantra, founded in 2016, is an innovative Indian tech startup in the field of Mobile Robotics, also known as Mobotics. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, this dynamic company has been making significant progress in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robots for industrial and commercial applications.

Driven by a shared vision to revolutionize material handling processes through cutting-edge technology, Rucha Yantra comprises a team of inspired young engineers. They take pride in their ability to design, develop, and manufacture indigenous mobile robotic systems that cater to a wide range of requirements, with a strong emphasis on research and development.

As a prominent player in Mobile Robotics, Rucha Yantra specializes in providing both standard and tailor-made solutions to meet their clients’ specific needs. Their extensive product lineup includes a variety of AGVs that enhance efficiency and automation in material handling.

One of their notable offerings is the Fixed Storage series, consisting of customizable AGVs designed to handle materials on flat surfaces, tables, and shelves. These versatile AGVs can be adapted to suit the unique demands of various industries, making them highly sought-after in the market.

Rucha Yantra also excels in their Lifting series, which comprises AGVs equipped with lifting capabilities for managing materials on shelves and carts. Their innovative approach to automation and material handling represents a significant advancement in industrial logistics and warehouse management.

With a commitment to delivering top-notch solutions, Rucha Yantra caters to diverse industries by providing AGVs under the series names RAGHAV, SAEVK, and VAMEN, each designed with specific specifications and capacities to match various industrial requirements.

In addition to material handling, Rucha Yantra recognizes the importance of technology-driven solutions. They offer custom AGVs to address the evolving needs of the market, ensuring that their clients’ unique challenges are met with tailor-made solutions that guarantee optimal performance and productivity.

Furthermore, Rucha Yantra remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements in the industry. They actively engage in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the field of Mobile Robotics.

Their commitment to innovation and excellence is demonstrated through their expansion into the development of automated sanitation robots and autonomous delivery robots for the healthcare sector. This showcases their adaptability and commitment to addressing the pressing needs of various industries with state-of-the-art robotic solutions.

In conclusion, Rucha Yantra is a trailblazing Indian tech startup that has quickly risen to prominence in the field of Mobile Robotics. With a team of passionate young engineers, they have established themselves as an R&D powerhouse, spearheading the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge AGVs and mobile robotic systems. Committed to enhancing industrial automation and revolutionizing material handling processes, Rucha Yantra offers a diverse range of products and solutions. As they continue to explore new horizons in technology and innovation, Rucha Yantra remains dedicated to driving the future of Mobotics and ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity.

Customizable AGV Solutions

Rucha Yantra offers a wide range of customizable AGV solutions, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their specific material handling needs.

Autonomous Efficiency

Their mobile robots are designed to handle floor transportation without human intervention, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of human errors.

Comprehensive solutions

With their expertise in customised Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) and Robotic Integration & Automation services, Rucha Yantra can provide comprehensive solutions for various applications.

Innovative Mobility Solutions

Rucha Yantra’s commitment to innovation ensures that their mobile robots are effective, reliable, and affordable, enabling small and mid-sized enterprises to solve their floor transportation problems.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from Rucha Yantra

Rucha Yantra has Lifting, Manual Loading Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

VAMEN by Rucha Yantra


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The VAMEN from Rucha Yantra is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) able to carry 1500kg and drive up to 1m/s. The size of the robot is 1250x550x550mm (LxWxH).

This robot has a built-in lifting device able to transport Carts, Racks.

VAMEN can work continuosly for up to 8 hours. It has 2D obstacle detection.

SAEVK by Rucha Yantra


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The SAEVK from Rucha Yantra is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) able to carry 75kg and drive up to 0.8m/s. The size of the robot is 1190x710x1290mm (LxWxH).

This robot has Flat Surface (Table/Shelves) that can transport Totes, Boxes and Small Containers that are manually placed on the robot by a human operator.

SAEVK can work continuosly for up to 6 hours.

Raghav by Rucha Yantra


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The Raghav from Rucha Yantra is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) able to drive up to 1m/s. The size of the robot is 1080x625x780mm (LxWxH).

This robot can transport Totes, Boxes and Small Containers that are manually placed on the robot by a human operator.

Raghav can work continuosly for up to 16 hours. It has 2D obstacle detection.

Rucha Yantra's local representations around the world

Rucha Yantra has headquarter in India and no known subsidiaries. Rucha Yantra has partners in India, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

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