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Myrmex, an innovative robotics company established in 2015, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the world of material handling robotics and fully unmanned click and collect delivery units. Based in Santa Clara, California, United States, Myrmex specializes in manufacturing advanced automated mobile robots (AMRs).

The core focus of Myrmex is developing cutting-edge AMRs to meet the growing demand for efficient and seamless material handling solutions. Their expertise in this field has resulted in a diverse range of products and solutions, including goods-to-person systems. These groundbreaking solutions have transformed inventory management and streamlined operations for businesses.

A standout offering from Myrmex is their lifting mobile robots, specifically designed for shelf and cart applications. These robots are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables efficient lifting and transportation of goods, making them an invaluable asset across various industries.

However, Myrmex’s most remarkable achievement to date is the upcoming launch of their fully unmanned grocery delivery system. Harnessing the power of mobile robotic units, this system is poised to revolutionize the grocery delivery process. By eliminating the need for human intervention, Myrmex is paving the way for faster, more accurate, and entirely automated deliveries.

The founders of Myrmex bring a wealth of experience to the company, boasting a collective expertise of over 70 years in bringing robotics-enabled automation solutions to market. Their vision for Myrmex began five years ago when they embarked on a mission to automate the process of delivering online orders to consumers from collection points. This led to the incorporation of Myrmex in Delaware, USA, in February 2015, initially self-funded.

Recognizing the immense potential of their innovative solutions, Myrmex secured venture funding in June 2015, enabling them to further develop and refine their patent-pending technology. By May 2016, they successfully completed the first release of their groundbreaking solution, solidifying their position as pioneers in the field of unmanned click and collect delivery systems.

In conclusion, Myrmex is a trailblazing robotics company reshaping the landscape of material handling robotics and unmanned delivery systems. With their cutting-edge products and solutions, including their lifting mobile robots and upcoming fully unmanned grocery delivery system, Myrmex leads the way in innovation within the industry. Their commitment to revolutionizing automation, combined with their extensive experience, positions them as industry leaders poised to redefine the future of logistics and delivery.

Efficiency and Productivity.

Myrmex’s mobile robots are designed for material handling and fully unmanned click and collect delivery, offering increased efficiency and productivity in these areas.

Expertise and Innovation

The company’s team is composed of 90% engineers, providing expertise and innovation in the development of their mobile robotic units.

Youthful innovation

With 70% of their team members under 39 years old, Myrmex brings a fresh and dynamic approach to the manufacturing of mobile robots.

Experienced Assurance

Myrmex’s robots are backed by an experienced team, with 60% having over 13 years of working experience, ensuring a reliable and well-developed product.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from Myrmex

Myrmex has Lifting Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Myrmex by Myrmex


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The Myrmex from Myrmex is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

This robot has a built-in lifting device able to transport Carts, Racks.

The Myrmex is available as part of a Goods to Person total solution.

The robot is able to maintain acurate localization using QR Codes on the Floor.

Myrmex's local representations around the world

Myrmex has headquarter in California and subsidiary in Greece.

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