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Transforming logistics operations using AI, Robotics, and Supply Chain Process Design!

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Unbox Robotics, founded in 2019, is a prominent mobile robot manufacturer based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Specializing in logistics automation, Unbox Robotics provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions aimed at revolutionizing the order sorting and shipping processes for businesses.

At the heart of Unbox Robotics’ operations lies their groundbreaking Box Picker mobile robot. This cutting-edge robot is specifically designed to automate and enhance logistics operations within warehouses. Powered by on-demand AI-driven solutions, Unbox Robotics’ Box Picker robot incorporates proprietary Swarm Intelligence and ML algorithms inspired by nature. This state-of-the-art technology enables the robot to efficiently sort parcels, significantly boosting productivity and streamlining operations.

One of the key advantages of Unbox Robotics’ Box Picker robot is its effortless installation process. Unlike traditional robotics systems, Unbox Robotics’ patent-pending AI-powered parcel sorting robotic system can be installed at least 10 times faster. Furthermore, it requires only 70% to 80% of the space typically needed for similar systems. This compact design not only optimizes warehouse space but also enables logistics players to maximize operational efficiency.

Unbox Robotics takes pride in the exceptional productivity of their robots, surpassing industry averages. Their Box Picker robot is 2-3 times more productive, ensuring faster and more accurate parcel sorting. This heightened productivity translates into significant time and cost savings for logistics companies, enabling them to meet customer demands with greater efficiency.

The success of Unbox Robotics can be attributed to its highly skilled team of professionals. Comprising alumni from esteemed institutions such as the National University of Singapore, the University of York, and the Indian School of Business, the team brings a wealth of international experience in robotics, manufacturing, and logistics. This expertise empowers Unbox Robotics to continuously innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

Unbox Robotics has garnered substantial support from prominent investors and venture capital firms. With backing from Entrepreneur First, SOSV, HAX, Arali Ventures, CIIE, Beenext, Redstart Labs (Info Edge), WEH Ventures, AngelList India, and a notable group of angel investors, Unbox Robotics has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner in the robotics industry.

In conclusion, Unbox Robotics is a forward-thinking company that is revolutionizing the logistics industry through its innovative mobile robots. With a strong emphasis on automation and efficiency, their AI-driven solutions are transforming the order sorting and shipping processes for businesses. With a highly skilled team and support from prominent investors, Unbox Robotics is poised to maintain its leadership position in warehouse robotics and logistics automation.

Improved Productivity

Increased Efficiency: Unbox Robotics’ mobile robots are designed to automate and improve logistics operations, resulting in increased productivity and faster order fulfillment.

Efficient Space Utilization

Space Optimization: Their innovative and compact vertical sorting robotic solution allows for packages to be scanned, sorted, and dispatched in less physical space, maximizing warehouse efficiency.

Improved Efficiency

Enhanced Customer Experience: By ramping up productivity by more than 3X, Unbox Robotics improves end-customer experience by ensuring timely and accurate delivery of orders.

Cutting-edge robotics

Industry-Leading Technology: Unbox Robotics is a leading supply chain robotics technology company, offering cutting-edge solutions that leverage AI and Swarm Intelligence for optimal performance and future-ready operations.

Mobile Robots from Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics has Box Picker Mobile Robots.

UnboxSort by Unbox Robotics


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The UnboxSort from Unbox Robotics is a mobile robot.

This box picking robot is able to take boxes from storage and deliver them to a workstation.

Unbox Robotics's local representations around the world

Unbox Robotics has headquarter in India and no known subsidiaries.

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