Market Report: Goods-to-Person Ecommerce Fulfilment Robotics 2023

Executive Summary

2022 revenue remained high. Good confidence for 2023 despite confusing economic indicators. Further ipos expected in 2023 & 2024

2022, year of post-covid reverberations

  • 2022 followed a year of exceptional growth in the g2p sector. However, whilst revenue remained above prepandemic levels, yoy growth largely dissipated and bookings more or less returned to pre-pandemic levels
  • Younger startups reported
  • Supply chain disruption continued apace and some observers hinted at a potential 20-30% revenue impact
  • Geopolitically and economically, 2022 was a tough year with russia’s war in ukraine, inflationary pressures and a general sense of instability
  • China retained many covid restrictions throughout 2022 complicating international ambitions for many vendors

G2p trends in 2022

  • Raas was a more frequent topic and leading vendors released new pay-per-presentation solutions, however, the most popular raas format was rental raas
  • Multiple startups appeared to have matured during the pandemic and may have found a niche in the market
  • Insurance became a topic in the g2p sector, especially regarding fire protection and prevention
  • The trend for larger system integrators to merge into mega-sis continued, however, there were also signs new integrators entering the sector with very strong customer propositions and engineering pedigree
  • Warehouse execution became a thing in 2022 with plenty of vendors actively marketing software packages as wess, up from only a handful a few years ago

Prospects for 2023

  • 2023 revenue was expected to continue at a good level across the sector based on existing order books from prior years
  • However, there was also a level of trepidation for order bookings in 2023 with signs some customers were delaying decisions to gain more visibility where markets or retail sales were heading
  • Most of the g2p startups were bullish about 2023, but this is to be expected

Continued supply chain disruptions

  • Supply chain disruption continued throughout 2022 with higher prices and longer lead times causing margin pressures and scheduling problems for vendors and system integrators
  • A few interviews hinted at things starting to return to normal, but planning for chaotic disruptions remained difficult

Ipo, m&a, etc.

  • M&a activity in the g2p sector increased in 2020 and 2021, however, vc inflows declined in 2022 largely as a result of rising interest rates and geopolitics
  • The queue of potential exits contained c.60 startups with 13 companies having raised >$100m each
  • Rumours of potential ipos always fly around, but these strengthened in early 2023 and stiq expects at least one startup to go public in the year

Long & short term prospects

  • The longer term health of the sector was positive despite underlying problems for warehouse operators such as lack of staff and increasing warehousing costs
  • In the short term, increased competitive pressures was expected in the north american market as a few large retailers, notably including amazon, cancelled projects


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Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • G2p solutions explained
    • Segmentation
    • Amazon’s influence on g2p
  • Customer interviews
  • G2p sector trends
    • Raas business models
    • Wes software
    • Picking robotics
    • New system integrators
    • Partnerships
    • Micro fulfilment centres (mfc)
  • 2022 market
    • Market drivers
    • Revenue growth
    • Supply chain disruption
  • Outlook for 2023 and 2023
    • Bullish outlook
    • Indicators, volatility
  • G2p vendor demographics
    • Vendor growth
    • M&a activity
  • Vendor profiles
  • Credits, interviewees & sponsor


  • 1M Robotics (VP Sales)
  • 6 River Systems (Co-founder)
  • ABB /ASTI (Director of Product Management)
  • Addverb (CEO Americas)
  • Addverb (CEO EMEA)
  • Attabotics (SVP Global Sales)
  • Atypical Consulting (Consultancy)
  • AutoStore (CPO)
  • AWM Tech (CEO)
  • Barcodes Inc (Product Manager, AMRs)
  • Bastian Solutions (Director of Corporate Strategy)
  • Belive (Head of Customer Relations)
  • Berkshire Grey (VP of Products)
  • Blue Robot Company (Director of Board)
  • Brightpick (CEO)
  • Cognibotics (Robot Arm)
  • Conductix-Wampfler (Global Market Director, IA)
  • Consafe Logistics (Product Manager)
  • Covariant (Head of Global Partner Strategy & Channel Sales)
  • Damon Industrial (General Manager)
  • Exotec (CRO)
  • Fives (Applications Director)
  • Geek+ (VP of Solutions Engineering)
  • GreyOrange (VP Product Marketing)
  • Hai Robotics (VP Sales, Marketing & Solutions)
  • Hörmann Intralogistics (Managing Director)
  • Intellistore (Commercial Director)
  • inVia Robotics (CMO)
  • Knapp (Portfolio Manager Value Chain Solutions)
  • KPI Solutions (VP Sales)
  • Locus Robotics (CEO)
  • Logtopus (Founder)
  • Lowpad (Business Development Manager)
  • Mushiny (CMO)
  • Nomagic (Chief Strategy & Co-founder)
  • Oplog (3PL)
  • Planiform (Sales Director)
  • Quicktron (Sales & Marketing)
  • RightHand Robotics (Head of Sales & Strategic Business Development)
  • Rocket Solution (Managing Director)
  • SAVOYE (Marketing Manager)
  • Spexal (Contract Mnfr)
  • SSI Schaefer (VP Product Line Material Flow)
  • Staxel (Co-founder)
  • Storojet (Account Manager)
  • SVT Robotics (SVP of Product)
  • Swisslog (VP Global Business Acceleration)
  • TARQAN (CEO & Founder)
  • Tompkins Robotics (President)
  • Unbox Robotics (CEO & Co-founder)
  • Vanderlande (Sr Manager Strategy & Market Insights)
  • XYZ Robotics (CEO)

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A free membership of the Mobile Robot Directory is required to download our market reports. Your free membership is subject to our Terms of Service, please read them carefully before proceeding.