Market Report: Goods-to-Person Ecommerce Fulfilment Robotics 2022

Executive Summary

Sharp growth in 2021 against a drab 2020 and with increasingly volatile supply chains. Further m&a activity to be expected

Note: all interviews for this report were conducted before russia invaded ukraine.

Record breaking growth

  • 2021 was characterised by a series of covid re openings and closures and a kind of return to normal of home working and video conferences
  • Multiple vendors reported record breaking growth, including leaders, incumbents and startups ; although there were still pockets of limited growth
  • Record breaking growth was obviously achieved after a year of negative or near 0% growth in 2020
  • Demand drivers for g2p warehouse automation included significant e commerce growth, low cost of capital and increasingly a lack of warehouse labour
  • Public company reports showed that bookings peaked in 2h21, indicating a relatively good outlook for 2022

Supply chain disruption

  • Supply chain disruptions affected the whole sector and none of the interviewed vendors had manage to avoid any impact
  • The main effects were longer lead times and higher prices for components, often randomly applied; interviews referenced “supply chain whack a mole” where one situation was solved just for another to appear
  • Most interviewees thought supply chain disruptions would only get better in 2023
  • There were some comments as to what extent supply chain disruptions would affect revenue in 2022
  • Any disruptions in 2022 and beyond will also be impacted by russia’s 2022 invasion of ukraine

Growth side effects

  • High growth has come with a few side effects, such as customers demanding faster project turnaround, lack of experienced talent and some vendors doing direct integrations
  • Customers appeared keen to exploit the heightened ecommerce levels and were increasingly vocal re. Project deadlines
  • There was also a serious lack of experienced talent in the sector, especially for software developers and solution designers (the people who design automation solutions)
  • Furthermore, many system integrators with packed order books were often unable to entertain smaller projects within the time scale customers demanded
  • The consequence of this was that some vendors integrated directly for customers rather than losing projects; note that this was mainly in lighter integration projects

Partnerships & maturing sector

  • In 2020 and 2021 many of the top 20 system integrators have partnered with vendors that were founded in the 2010’s indicating that these technologies have reached a level of maturity
  • Partnerships also extended to between startups highlighting a new trend in the mixing of g2p systems further enhancing the maturity level
  • System integrators typically combine mix and match systems from various vendors to create the strongest and most suitable solution

Fundraising at new heights in 2022

  • In january 2022, exotec announced a $335m fundraise at $2bn valuation ( source ). This follows autostore’s $12bn ipo valuation in 2021
  • Fundraising rounds are increasing fast and this was the first ever $300m+ round; there were 5x rounds =>$200m in the 2020’s (incl.)

Intellectual property & raas

  • The ongoing legal fight between autostore vs ocado pushed some vendors to hire legal counsel
  • Raas has experienced a bit more traction in 2021, but remains confused with other opex arrangements such as lease and rental options

Customer solution selection: difficult

  • Interviews with customers of g2p solutions highlighted the difficulties in selecting a solution and that there are often subjective influences in the selection, especially when comparing systems from different segments
  • Retailers and 3pl customers also have different priorities when selecting solutions and how they are optimised in production


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Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • G2p solutions explained
    • Segmentation
    • Customer demographics
    • Opex business models (raas)
  • Customer interviews
  • Growth
    • Revenue growth
    • Supply chain disruption
  • G2p vendor demographics
    • Vendor growth
    • M&a activity
  • Vendor profiles
  • Credits, interviewees & sponsor


  • 6 River Systems (Co-founder, Co-CEO)
  • ASG Services (Installer)
  • ASTI (Product Manager)
  • Attabotics (CRO)
  • AutoStore (CPO)
  • Bastian Solutions (VP Global Sales & Applications)
  • Berkshire Grey (CPO)
  • Blue Robot Company (Director of Board)
  • Caja Robotics (VP Marketing)
  • Chainalytics (Consulting)
  • Conductix-Wampfler (Component)
  • Covariant (Head of EU Sales)
  • Dematic (Product Manager)
  • DLL (Finance)
  • Eiratech Robotics (Head of Marketing)
  • Exotec (CRO)
  • Find & Order (Co-founder)
  • Fives Group (Applications Director)
  • Fizyr (CEO)
  • FOR Partnership (Consulting)
  • Geek+, Americas (EVP)
  • Geek+, Europe (VP Solutions Engineering)
  • Geek+, SE Asia (Sales Director)
  • Grenzebach (EVP)
  • GreyOrange (Partner)
  • HAI Robotics (VP Overseas Sales)
  • HDS Global (President)
  • i-Collector (CTO)
  • IAM Robotics (CRO)
  • Instock (CEO & Co-founder)
  • inVia Robotics (CEO & Founder)
  • Mushiny (CMO)
  • Noyes Technology (Co-founder)
  • Omnimod (COO)
  • Pickr (CEO)
  • Primekss (Concrete Floors)
  • Prologis (Property)
  • Quicktron (Sales Director)
  • RCR Industrial Flooring (Flooring)
  • Recruit Robots (CEO & Founder)
  • Righthand Robotics (CSO & Co-founder)
  • Rocket Solution (General Manager)
  • Savoye (Marketing Manager)
  • Scallog (CEO & Co-founder)
  • Shoosmiths (Legal)
  • Sokul Automation (Founder)
  • Sparck Technologies (Director of Strategic Planning)
  • SSI Schaefer (Sr Consultant Global Technology)
  • Stow Robotics (CSO)
  • Swisslog (Portfolio Manager)
  • Syrius Robotics (CEO & Founder)
  • Tarqan (CEO & Founder)
  • The Rubic (CEO)
  • Tompkins Robotics (VP)
  • Unbox Robotics (CEO & Co-founder)

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A free membership of the Mobile Robot Directory is required to download our market reports. Your free membership is subject to our Terms of Service, please read them carefully before proceeding.