Market Report: AGV & AMR Robotics 2023

Executive Summary

Post Pandemic Growth Slowing. US Remained Strong. Chinese Competition at Breaking Point. Global Orders in 2024 May Be Challenging


Definition: AGV & AMR Robots

  • Focus on mobile robots used to transport payloads (10Kg – tens of tonnes) between A-B, deployed in factories, production facilities, and warehouses (excluding ecommerce applications — covered in G2P report)


2023 Market Growth Positive

  • 52% of stakeholders indicated a positive 2023 and that a return to normal was to be expected after ‘crazy growth’ in 2022
  • Key market drivers included the automotive sector (switch to electric vehicles), F&B, and the US market
  • Growth in Europe had largely dissipated in 2022


China Largely Commoditised

  • The Chinese market grew in 2023, but price competition had turned hyper-competitive with domestic prices for AGV & AMRs at historical lows
  • Vendors with money left in the bank targeted a 2024 launch in the US market, partnering in the EU


Supply Chain Problems Abated

  • Lead times returned to near normal while prices for components (and robots) increased about 10-30% in NA and EU during Covid


Inhibitors for Faster Growth

  • The overall AGV & AMR market has experienced up to c.10% annual growth in the last decade
  • But there were multiple inhibitors for faster growth:
  • Of 100 incoming inquiries, only 1 customer was fully aware of the need to change processes and workflows to accommodate robots; sector marketing thought to contribute to this
  • A highly fragmented landscape with 500+ vendors = difficult for customers to select the right partner/s
  • Some customization in nearly every project
  • Brownfield accounted for the majority of sales, but was often complicated due to frequent re-engineering requirements, moving infrastructure, fixing floors
  • Lack of established AGV/AMR system integrators


Growing Software Importance

  • AGV & AMR software innovation led by Agnostic Fleet Managers, catalyzed by interop standards
  • A “frenzy” of Agnostic Fleet Manager selection in 2023 had led to AGV & AMR project delays
  • FMS evolving into “Intralogistics Operating Systems” with growing consulting opportunities/practice
  • Other SW trends included 3D visualization tools as a pre-sales tool, VSLAM for RTLS, etc.


Market Outlook 2024 + Beyond

  • Stakeholder suggested it had become increasingly difficult to apply any forecasting methodologies
  • The US market remained very strong, but elections in 2024 could bring additional volatility
  • Multiple international vendors aimed to establish, consolidate and/or grow their US presence in 2024
  • Increased offers of RaaS and/or Rental appeared to be early attempts at stimulating growth
  • Continued M&A expected as some businesses may run out of cash and could be acquired; interviews suggested growing signs of distress in the sector


Recommendations to Buyers

  • Senior management buy-in — always
  • Know your processes and workflows intimately and how these may be affected by a mobile robot
  • Start small and learn from a few vehicles or go larger with throughput/performance bonds

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Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • AGV & AMR sector overview
    • Types of mobile robots
    • Types of vendors
  • Market growth
    • Market growth China, US
    • Market growth by sector
    • Changing market dynamics
  • Growth inhibitors
  • Buyer recommendations
  • Component suppliers
  • AGV & AMR software
    • SLAM (navigation, localisation)
    • Fleet manager, interop
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Vendor directory (A-Z)
  • Interviews, trade shows, glossary


  • Addverb (CSO & Co-Founder)
  • Arendai (CTO & Co-Founder)
  • BluBotics (CEO)
  • Bosch Rexroth (Projects Director Robotics)
  • Christensen Strategy (Founder)
  • Cyngn (CEO)
  • E80 Group (President NA)
  • EZ Wheel (COO)
  • FlexQube (CEO)
  • ForwardX (COO)
  • Hangcha (Head of International Sale)
  • HMS Networks (BDM,Logistics)
  • idealworks (CEO)
  • JBT Corporation (Sr. Strategist – Market Development)
  • Jungheinrich (Product Manager Mobile Robots)
  • K. Hartwall (EVP)
  • Karter (Commercial Manager)
  • Koerber Supply Chain (VP Robotics & Voice)
  • Kollmorgen (Product Management Director)
  • Kontro Hertz (CEO)
  • Kudan (COO)
  • LexxPluss (COO)
  • Linde Material Handling (Product Manager)
  • MHP (Sr Manager)
  • MIR (VP Marketing & Strategy)
  • Mobotic (Founder)
  • Moontech (CEO)
  • Moving Robots (CEO)
  • Movizon (Director Product Management)
  • Movu Robotics (CSO)
  • Muratec (National Sales Manager)
  • NODE Robotics (CEO & Co – Founder)
  • OCME (Sales Director)
  • Okamura (Overseas Manager)
  • Pepperl + Fuchs (Market Manager, Material Handling)
  • Rapyuta Robotics (Product Manager AFL)
  • RGo Robotics (President & CBO)
  • Robot Center (Founder)
  • SAFELOG (Managing Director)
  • Seer (Overseas Business Manager)
  • Slamcore (CEO)
  • Slip Robotics (VP Sales)
  • Standard Robots (Director of Overseas Marketing)
  • Starnus (CEO & Founder)
  • Synaos (CEO & Co – Founder)
  • Synapticon (CRO)
  • Techvico (CEO)
  • Toyota Material Handling (SVP & Managing Director)
  • Vecna Robotics (Director of Business Development)
  • Versabox (Co – Founder & Board Member)
  • Wagner Fire Safety (CEO & President)
  • Waku Robotics (CEO & Co – founder)

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A free membership of the Mobile Robot Directory is required to download our market reports. Your free membership is subject to our Terms of Service, please read them carefully before proceeding.